About JobDeiya

jobdeiya sri lanka's No.1 Job Network - most popular online job site in Sri Lanka for jobs, careers, recruitment and employment with recruitment automation.

--Internet job sites are popular in many countries, but Sri Lanka has never had an e-recruitment site that covers all levels of job designations – from executive & professional – to clerical.

But now – jobdeiya – Sri Lanka’s first-ever executive & professional jobs, careers and recruitment site has filled that gap and is receiving tremendous attention.

For jobseekers, the site is unique for conveniently browsing hundreds of real local career opportunities in a user-friendly and well-organised databank of jobs. They can apply online immediately, while uploading a CV, photograph, and certificates, and the application is sent straight-through electronically to the employer’s HR team. Jobseekers can create an account for free, and monitor online their status – for example if they are short-listed. New jobs are added daily and are visible 24 hours a day.

For employers, the site is an electronic back-office solution that automates all activities in the recruitment process. Employers are notified of applications immediately, and through a secure back-office control centre can list & view applicants by vacancy, compare applicants using standard profiles, grade applicants – including an automatic and customizable grading system, do short-listing, schedule interviews, record interview results, make e-notes about applicants, send feedback emails – all without handling any paper. The efficiencies and cost savings gained from using an electronic system are significant.


Send us your job description or our experts will create a job description and the designers will design the advert for you.

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